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Guias de Navegacion fluvial

Guías de navegación y libros de canales navegables, ríos dónde se puede navegar, navegación fluvial, muy usual en Francia como charter náutico y turismo. Información sobre esclusas, maniobras, lugares de interés, itinerarios, etc...

Libros de Aguas interiores

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  • A Beginner's Guide to Living on the Waterways

    A Beginner's Guide to Living on the Waterways

    por Nick Corble

    • ISBN: 9780750969901
    • Idioma: Inglés
    • Páginas: 119
    • Publicación:2017

    An estimated 15,000 people live on board boats in the UK and at any one time thousands more are interested in doing so. The aim of this beautifully illustrated guide is to help people live the dream and not the nightmare, providing a useful step by step introduction to the basics of making a life afloat. Fully updated this new edition of A Beginners' Guide to Living on the Waterways covers different types of liveaboard craft suitable for canals, rivers and estuaries, and the good and bad points ...

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  • Canals in Britain

    Canals in Britain

    por Tony Conder

    • ISBN: 9781784420505
    • Idioma: Inglés
    • Páginas: 79
    • Publicación:2017

    In the early years of the Industrial Revolution, canals formed the arteries of Britain. Most waterways were local concerns, carrying cargoes over short distances and fitted into regional groups with their own boat types linked to the major river estuaries. This new history of Britain's canals starts with the first Roman waterways, moving on to their golden age in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, and ends with the present day, describing the rise and fall of canal building and use i...

    pvp.21.00 €

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  • Cruising Anglesey & Adjoining Waters

    Cruising Anglesey & Adjoining Waters

    por Ralph Morris

    • ISBN: 852887566
    • Idioma: Inglés
    • Páginas: 243
    • Publicación:2005

    Ralph Morris's guide to the island of Anglesey and coast from Liverpool to Pwllheli was first published over 20 years ago and has always been closely associated with The Northwest Venturers Yacht Club based in Beaumaris. It is the definitive pilot to Anglesey and the Menai Strait, an area that provides fine cruising and wonderful anchorages. We are proud to have been given the opportunity to incorporate this title into our list. The new updated edition includes WGS 84 positions and is presented ...

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  • Cruising Guide to the Netherlands

    Cruising Guide to the Netherlands

    por Brian Navin

    • ISBN: 852886934
    • Idioma: Inglés
    • Páginas: 175
    • Publicación:2004

    Fixed mast routes through the Netherlands from Westerschelde to the IJsselmeer and Waddenzeee. This handbook for yachtsmen and inland waterways navigators is the essential guide to the rivers and canals of Holland. The author selected twenty - one of the best fixed masts routes through the country and describes their features and facilities. All the data regarding water levels, locks, bridges, heights and opening times, and distances are presented clearly for the navigator for use as a cockpit r...

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  • East Coast Pilot

    East Coast Pilot

    por Colin Jarman

    • ISBN: 9781846230615
    • Idioma: Inglés
    • Páginas: 152
    • Publicación:2008

    Since its launch East Coast Pilot has become the most popular pilot book for the creeks, harbours and rivers between Lowestoft and Ramsgate, providing clear and concise sailing directions for visitors and regular East Coast cruising yachtsmen alike. For clarity and ease of reference, the pilotage information is arranged in sequence on double page spreeds to give the navigator all that is required to take his craft into a river or a harbour. The information is baked up Imray's clear cartography, ...

    pvp.26.00 €

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  • EuroRegs for Inland Waterways

    EuroRegs for Inland Waterways

    por Marian Martin

    • ISBN: 713665890
    • Idioma: Inglés
    • Páginas: 32
    • Publicación:2004

    A PLEASURE BOATER'S GUIDE TO CEVNI. In order to safely navigate Europe's major waterway routes, all boaters need to know CEVNI -the Waterway Code- whose rules, signs, symbols and signals are understood and used by bargemasters of all nationalities. This book has been written especially for pleasure craft users, setting out the rules in an easy-to-follow format. It covers waterway signs, signals, flags and lights, marking on vessels, procedures in tunnels, locks and weirs, overtaking rules, bert...

    pvp.13.00 €

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  • Inland Waterways of Belgium

    Inland Waterways of Belgium

    por Jacqueline Jones

    • ISBN: 852887604
    • Idioma: Inglés
    • Páginas: 170
    • Publicación:2005

    A GUIDE TO THE NAVIGABLE RIVERS AND CANALS OF BELGIUM. It is over 40 years was a guide to the navigable waterways of Belgium in the Imray's catalogue. The original was published at a time when the waterways were used mostly by a commercial traffic, but like everywhere else in Europe, waterways are no longer essential arteries for trade associated with heavy industry. Jacqueline Jones's new waterway - by - waterway guide provides all the essential information for navigation, as well as details a...

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  • Inland Waterways of France

    Inland Waterways of France

    por David Edwards-May

    • ISBN: 9781846230141
    • Idioma: Inglés
    • Páginas: 311
    • Publicación:2010

    For this eighth edition of Inland Waterways of France, the author has investigated the many developments that have taken place during the last 10 years and presents a detailed overview of the extraordinary diverse system of navigable rivers and canals. With restoration of historic navigations, both rivers and canals, the system now totals 9000 kilometres, and has become a favourite destination for tens of thousands of boaters from Europe and the rest of the world. This book will help them to pla...

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  • Inland Waterways of Germany

    Inland Waterways of Germany

    por Barry Sheffield

    • ISBN: 852882831
    • Idioma: Inglés
    • Páginas: 135
    • Publicación:1995

    This volume is the comprehensive directory to the entire German waterways system that is currently available in English. All the rivers and canals are described in detail and, for each, a distance table indicating locks, bridges, mooring places and other features is provided. The text is supported by small scale mapping and photographs.
    Este volumen es un completo directorio del sistema fluvial alemán. En él aparecen descritos con de...

    pvp.39.90 €

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  • Inland Waterways of the Netherlands

    Inland Waterways of the Netherlands

    por Louise Busby

    • ISBN: 9780852889763
    • Idioma: Inglés
    • Páginas: 282
    • Publicación:2007

    With 6000 km of navigable waterways, the Netherlands offers one of the most extensive yet compact cruising grounds in Europe. This book is a user's guide to the whole network, covering all the mast - up routes and excluding only waterways which offer less than 3,5 m bridge height. Navigational details are provided for each waterway; comprising dimensions and obstacles to be expected, including service arrangements for bridges and locks. This followed by details of over 300 stopping places across...

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  • La navegacion de recreo por el rio de Sevilla

    La navegacion de recreo por el rio de Sevilla

    por Ricardo Franco Santos

    • ISBN: 9788460587774
    • Idioma: Castellano/Ingles
    • Páginas: 143
    • Publicación:1999

    LEISURE NAVIGATION IN THE RIVER OF SEVILLE. CONTIENE LIBRO EXPLICATIVO Y CARTAS DE NAVEGACION DEL RIO GUADALQUIVIR. Debido al lento pero constante proceso de erosión en las márgenes del río, cada determinado número de años, la Autoridad Portuaria de Sevilla se ve obligada a trasladar unos metros hacia el interior, las balizas y demás señales afectadas por este fenómeno natural. Una vez puestos en ello, han renovado el conjunto, aumentando el número de enfilaciones, balizas y boyas, dond...

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    Producto descatalogado definitivamente por la editorial o fabricante

  • Map of European Waterways

    Map of European Waterways

    por David Edwards-May

    • ISBN: 9791094429006
    • Idioma: Inglés
    • Páginas:
    • Publicación:2014

    A map and directory designed as a first source of information when planning a trip on the waterways of Europe.

    Double -sided. Side one- Europe from Ireland and Portugal to the Caspian Sea - dimensions 1210 x 870 mm. Scale 1:4 000 000- enlargement on reverse, with unprecedented detail, covering Dublin to Bratislava on the Danube scale 1:1 500 000. Includes a brief description of waterways in each country, followed by addresses of waterway authorities, boating associations etc.


    pvp.35.00 €

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  • North Brittany

    North Brittany

    por John Lawson

    • ISBN: 9781846230691
    • Idioma: Inglés
    • Páginas: 200
    • Publicación:2008

    The new edition of the RCC Pilotage Foundation's pilot for North Brittany - Cherbourg to Ouessant and the Channel Islands - has been fully revised and brought completely up to date to maintain its place as the best - known companion for that coast. The text and plans have been redeveloped so that the sailing directions now make full use of recommended waypoints. New index charts have been introduced to improve cross - referencing and throughout there are new sea level and aerial photos. The RCC ...

    pvp.59.95 €

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  • North Sea Passage Pilot

    North Sea Passage Pilot

    por Brian Navin

    • ISBN: 9781826231339
    • Idioma: Inglés
    • Páginas: 226
    • Publicación:2008

    The East coast of England from Great Yarmouth to Dover, the continental coast from Calais to Den Helder and North Sea passages. Throughout the text has been fully updated. Since the fourth edition there has been a continued growth in maritime commercial traffic and in the associated danger of collision. The major event in the Southern North Sea was the initiation in 2007 of a new traffic system for the Sunk area of the Thames Estuary which includes three Traffic Separation Schemes, two Precautio...

    pvp.47.50 €

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  • Waterway Routes through France

    Waterway Routes through France

    por Jane Cumberlidge

    • ISBN: 9780852888919
    • Idioma: Inglés
    • Páginas: 2
    • Publicación:2006

    COMPREHENSIVE PLANNING MAPS WITH DETAILED CRUISING INFORMATION FOR THE INLAND WATERWAYS ROUTES THROUGH FRANCE FROM THE CHANNEL PORTS TO MEDITERRANEAN. This pictorial map is an ideal single source of practical information for boats passing from the English Channel to the Mediterranean through the French canal system. It covers the Seine to Paris and the popular routes from Calais and Dunkerke through central France to the Rhône. Broken into clear geographical areas, the mapping is annotated with...

    pvp.19.90 €

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